About Me


“You are here to enjoy the experience of creativity and contribute to humanity’s evolution.”

Eva Patel combines her unique blend of 3 cultures into living an authentic life.

  • Indian – Wisdom & Philosophy
  • British – Discipline & Education
  • USA – Entrepreneur & Business

Born and raised in London UK, it is this early period in her life that she credits for her discipline in shaping her sense of the inner unity of all religions and beliefs as well as the birth of her vision to inspire women.

As a contemporary Soul Ambassador. For over two decades she has touched the lives of many Souls through her gifts and talents as she shares the wisdom and knowledge that has been her Divine purpose.

An entrepreneur at heart, her wisdom and knowledge from her rich Indian heritage combined with Western life and medical training made her realize that there is a direct correlation between the outer and the inner self.

Eva Patel started her career in medicine and became an entrepreneur, starting numerous health & wellbeing lifestyle companies and brands. This wellness expert has deliberately combined her skin care and product development knowledge with the inner awakening of the Soul to create Soul Rx, Inc., a program that delivers a virtual prescription to live an authentic life.

As Founder and Director, she invites the Soul Seeker to accept the challenge of being an inspired, effective agent of institutional and systemic change, while creating better, healthier lifestyles and global sustainability in a highly conscious manner.

The Soul Rx movement is a transformational force of compassion-in-action born of a fusion of deep spiritual knowledge, wisdom, courage, discipline and love with wise radical action. It is an essential force for preserving and healing humanity and the planet.

Eva’s laser focus and ability to see beyond the visual and into the visceral contributes greatly to her strongest skill: communication. As an International speaker and author Eva continues to channel her knowledge and experience to urge readers to become part of their own lives, open themselves to the possibility of change and live in universal consciousness. She embodies the power to transmute the common into something of great value.

Eva Patel is a Board Member at Consciousness and Healing Initiative – https://www.chi.is

Soul Rx Journey

“The past few decades have been an amazing journey of exploring the depths of my Soul, the journey I chose, the experiences and lessons in this lifetime, and past lives to fully understand why I came to Earth School. Through the years I had an inner calling to follow my heart and Soul and take this message out to the world. This book is a compilation of my work on Soul Rx.

Soul Rx has been a passion of mine as a way to make a collective difference in the world, to bring back the harmony and balance that is our Divine Right. It is a way to live healthier, happier more authentic lives at all levels. Learning the lessons that our Souls have incarnated to learn and taking the knowledge and applying the experience to create our wisdom. With the collective efforts of many of us coming together to share our wisdom, we can make a difference.

As we each awaken to understanding ourselves better, along with the different facets of our lives, we will journey together on our Soul’s path of Ascension. I invite you you join me Soul to Soul.

My Personal Journey

“My journey in life has allowed me to travel to many countries and experience different cultures and ways of living. I have always been authentic, loving, caring, sincere and an Evolved Soul with touch of humor and wit.

As long as i can remember I have always had a deep connection to Divine/God, I believe in treating others like I like to be treated, with love and respect and doing my best in all that i do. 
Life’s lessons and challenges have been tough, some so deep and painful that I didn’t even think I would make it through the dark night of the Soul, I was left empty to pick up the broken pieces to become whole again. As Rumi said “Pain is the portal where the Light comes in” – my journey inward deepened and I had to seek the light within to navigate my life in a different direction. This began the birth of Soul Rx…I had wrote for over a decade and was then guided by my inner voice to take my experiences and knowledge to write a book.

I literally stopped my life in its tracks and focused all my attention and poured my love into the pages as I wrote, I did not travel and hibernated in my home until I completed the manuscript. Through the years I have mentored women and men, created private retreats and Soul gatherings, it gives me great pleasure to share my insights and assist others on their Soul Journey.”

Eva Patel created SOULutions™ – A set of Key Codes to assist you in unlocking your true potential and overcoming life challenges and deep lessons. Having a deeper understanding of what you are meant to gain from a particular experience and focusing on the importance of living an authentic soulful life.

Divine Energetic Blueprint
Each Soul is born with a Divine Energetic Blueprint. This energetic blueprint is equipped with our unique codes and subtle energy patterns that express our soul’s purpose and identity and contains an intuitive source of information.

As you gain access and align to your Divine Energetic Blueprint, the template of wisdom of our Soul, you learn who you are at soul level and who you incarnated to become and experience, creating a deeper meaning to your life.

This allows the Soul to evolve and ascend to full Self-realization and Self-actualization, the Purest Potential of Who You Are as a divine being having a human experience.


Your Soul’s Companion:

by Eva Patel

Join Eva Patel and her Soul Rx Movement and learn how to live into your Soul’s truth. Experience Eva’s light, knowledge, wisdom and soulful Soul Rx practices that will undoubtedly move the collective to higher states of consciousness and create a world- wide transformation.


Testimonials & Reviews


Sanjiv Chopra MD. MACP

Professor of Medicine, Harvard Medical School
Best selling author and motivational speaker

“Eva has written an exceptionally lucid and brilliant book full of insights and wisdom. Read it to enliven your body, mind and soul and live a life of abundance and happiness.”

Dr. Shamini Jain

Psychologist & Scientist
Founder and Director of the Consciousness & Healing Initiative

“Eva Patel’s powerful healing presence reflects her love for humanity and ability to help foster human evolution”.

Pujya Swami Chidanand Saraswatiji

Spiritual Leader, Ambassador of Peace
Founder, Parmarth Niketan Ashram, Rishikesh (Himalayas) India

“This book is for people beginning the beautiful exploration of the boundlessness of the Soul and what it means for one’s journey through life. Eva shares her love, passion, dedication and commitment for humanity, with practical ways to begin to connect with the truth of your being and appreciate the divinity within yourself and within all.”

Dr. Moira Fitzpatrick PhD, ND, FICPP, CHT

Clinical Psychologist and a Naturopathic Doctor
Pacific Pearl, La Jolla, California

“Eva Patel takes us on a journey to reconnect with our Soul. She provides tools to travel, grow, evolve and discover our purpose. We then rise together in consciousness to transform our world in to a new Golden Age. A brilliant integration of the mind, body, emotion, spirit trek into the unknown galaxies of inner and outer space!” Thank you for writing this wonderful book!”

“You are a powerful eternal soul, with unlimited possibilities”
Eva Patel